Thrive Family Counseling Careers

Our goal at Thrive Family Counseling is to help both clients and staff to thrive in their lives. In order to do that, we encourage discussion and support between clinicians and work to adapt to the needs of our clinicians. We commit to our therapists and believe that it is important to support them in building their caseloads. That is done by actively investing in finding new clients and by helping clinicians identify means of building personal referral networks that can support their growth. We provide wonderful front office support to help improve the client experience and facilitate scheduling and other needs. Our model lets you focus primarily on what you do best, working with clients to help them heal and grow. We believe strongly in reciprocity and the value of giving to clinicians as they also give to us to provide a win/win environment and a positive atmosphere.

Work hours are flexible. We are happy to support you in working evenings, weekends, or weekdays. Let’s find what works best for your schedule and needs. It is important to note that building an ideal schedule often takes some time as we build up demand for your services. Our goal is to increasingly work towards that ideal schedule for you. Generally, clients prefer to come in for evening and weekend appointments to minimize the impact on work schedules, but as you become more known and build up your caseload, we can shift those hours to be increasingly ideal for you. We also want you to have your own home in our office. That means having an individual office that you can customize to fit your style and preferences, thereby increasing your comfort level at work and helping to create the environment you want for your clients.

Bring your personal strengths to make our team stronger. We happily embrace various perspectives and approaches to therapy as long as they are effective.

We are always open to talking to qualified and interested applicants as we are growing in both locations.

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