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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

After the stress and chaos of these past years and even the Holiday season, let us help you get this new year started off on a wonderful note. Join Thrive Family Counseling for our annual Thrive classes and launch your New Year on a nign note. This years classes include:

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Achieve Class

This class focuses on helping you reach your goals for the Now Year. Many of us set goals and many of those goals are the some goals that we set last year and couldn’t complete. The problem is that we try to use the limited resources of our conscious minds and we got distracted taking core of other things. This group engages the power of the subconscious mind to help us create our new reality by changing the way we think and believe deep in our subconscious mind, so it can truly last.

  • Learn to work with your subconscious mind instead of against it
  • Learn the secrets of setting powerful goals
  • Clarify your and strengthen your goals
  • Identify/remove subconscious blocks to reaching your goals
  • Resolve barriers to living your best life

Peace Class

We are surrounded by stressors all day. Our environment drains our energy with constant demands, minimal time to reset, and stressors around health finances, and relationships at an all time high. Unchecked, these demands can break down our minds, our bodies and relationships over time. These breakdowns can manifest as Anxiety and Depression as well as physical illness. It is critical that we take time to care for our mental and emotional well-being.

  • Better understand the brain and body's response to stress
  • Learn and practice stress management tools
  • Learn and practice meditation (yes, You can learn it too!)
  • Experience guided imagery in helping to reshape your day
  • Give yourself a mental and emotional rest and/or reset
  • Create a personal emotional refuge to use in moments of high stress or overwhelm

Classes last 18 weeks and are held weekly with an option to extend with sufficient interest. Achieve class is Tuesdays at 6 pm, starting January 17, 2023, Peace class is Thursdays at 6 pm starting January 19. 2023

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Sign up now for just $360, just $30 per class! (Regularly $600.) Classes will be offered virtually, so you can participate from anywhere. If an in person option is desired please make a request. Current clients also receive one free week, an additional $30 savings.

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